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Users login and comment on your pages, you control the moderation.

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Responsive Commenting Stream

Easily integrate a dynamic comment stream that adapts seamlessly to any Webflow page, ensuring a fluid, responsive user experience. This can also be set to auto-generate across all collection pages, promoting consistent user engagement throughout your site.

Automatic Collection Integration With Webflow
Responsive for All Mobile & Tablet Devices
Enable commenters to embed Giphy, YouTube and more

Full Commenting Experience

Empower your platform with advanced moderation tools that enable you to ban users and reject comments with ease. Ability to enable AI-driven features for toxicity moderation and robust spam detection, ensuring a clean and constructive environment for your community.

Detect Toxic Behavior with Artificial Intelligence*
Akismet Spam Detection Built In*
The ability to suspend or ban commenters, or remove comments
* Requires additional free 3rd party API keys


See hourly and daily comment rates, view most commented stories, and track your community user growth with the built in dashboard.

User Roles

Assign different roles to Staff and Moderator users to control team access. Moderate from the comment stream, or the moderation backend.


Grow your community with one of the best commenting platforms in existence. Leverage cutting edge technology easily integrated with Webflow!

See full comments history per user
Silence annoying comments & people
List all pages where comments are enabled with counts
Digital Services Act & GDPR compliant for EU 
Auto-moderate based on a list of banned and suspect words
Easy to setup with Webflow
Simple clean design that supports custom CSS styling
Supports login with Google or Facebook
Fully responsive on mobile & tablet devices
Control moderation settings on each thread
Commenters can opt in to email notifications
Enable Rich Text interactions with Spoilers and Strikethrough text
Create community wide announcements
Control and filter bad actors with AI Toxicity & Spam detection
...and much more

No Risk: 14-Day Free Trial

Database up to 1k Comments or 1,000 Users
Free Embed Template
Easily integrate with Webflow
Support Guides & Documentation
Copy our script & Styling Examples
Ongoing software updates
Cancel Anytime
Database beyond 10k Comments or 10,000 Users
Free Embed Template
Easily integrate with Webflow
Support Guides & Documentation
Copy our script & Styling Examples
Ongoing software updates
Cancel Anytime
Email Support
Create Tickets, Get Solutions
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Enable integration with your existing authentication system
Comment, User & Story Imports
Import comments from another platform
CommentsHome is serving  Coral by Vox Media the open-source commenting platform. Learn more.

Your subscription includes a unique private installation of the commenting application backend, and secure storage of your comment database.
Cancel anytime.

All accounts begin on Starter tier and will be automatically upgraded to the next tier when your database exceeds your current tier limit.

Pricing for databases in excess of 10k comments or 10,000 users will be calculated based on monthly comment/user rates, page views and total DB size.

*One time fees for data import are based on size and complexity of import requirements.

Built for Webflow

We've designed our integration with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to implement comments onto your Webflow site.

We've streamlined the process and documented everything so that you can get right to using a super powerful comments system in a no-code/low-code environment. We hope you enjoy it!

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